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About Amy Hardesty

Integrative Nutritionist, Amy Hardesty provides not only the tools but the guidance to help you make healthier food choices. Whether you need help changing your eating habits for weight loss or because of a specific diagnosis or food allergy/intolerance, she will help you every step of the way. Together you will create a plan that will allow you to succeed. Her service not only offers meal plans and grocery lists, but accountability that will help you get through the hard times and keep you moving toward your goals.

Amy graduated from the American College of Healthcare Science with an AAS in Complimentary Alternative Medicine in 2017. Most of her life, she has struggled with self-image, self-esteem and managing a healthy weight. She tried diet after diet, begged for help from others and still found herself in the same place. She was unhappy and 65 pounds overweight. Upon completion of her degree, she began desperately searching for real change. Using all of the tools she had just spent years studying, she discovered a passion for real food and nutrition. This unlocked a deep desire to help others find their way through this same journey! Amy believes that helping people learn to eat real healthy food sets them up for long term success rather than the peaks and valleys offered by shakes and pre-packaged diet meals that are often not sustainable.

Amy currently resides in Gresham, Oregon with her husband John and three kiddos. Tristan, Piper, and Toby keep her very busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Amy is a lover of her church and her community. Helping clients meet their health goals brings her great joy every day.

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