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About Dr. Della Parker


Dr. Della specializes in helping mommies get their groove back! As a busy mom of two herself, she understands the strain that motherhood and life, in general, can put on women. It is her goal to restore the health of moms that feel awful but are constantly told by other doctors that they are “normal.” She can help you regain your strength and energy by using holistic medicine. Dr. Della believes that our entire body works together and should be evaluated as one operating system instead of individual parts. Her goal is to treat the individual rather than give disease-based treatment protocols. Dr. Della doesn’t treat labeled conditions or diseases. She treats the patient that is presenting with that condition or disease.

After becoming pregnant in her last year of medical school it was apparent that the stress of her studies, poor food choices, and excessive caffeine intake had caught up to her. Her stress cup was full and with no end in sight, it was spilling over into symptoms. Head-to-toe eczema became overrun by a total body staph infection. Insomnia was worse than ever. Sleeping 1-2 hours per night for over a month while expected to function at a high level for her clinic patients almost took her to the breaking point. Luckily with the help of some amazing holistic practitioners, she was able to rebuild her adrenal gland function. She graduated from medical school and gave birth to her first child in the same week. She understands what it is like to be completely overtaken by stress. Some seasons of life require you to put your head down and just make it through. But you also need to recognize when to ask for help. Without the support of her health team in those last months of school and pregnancy, she is certain she would have fallen apart. Dr. Della wants to be that support for you. This too shall pass, but with the right doctor in your corner, it doesn’t have to seem so hard.

Dr. Della has studied a variety of diagnostic and treatment modalities including Applied Kinesiology and Neuro Emotional Technique. At Stellar Health and Wellness, she practices in a way that merges both energetic and scientific ideals by combining the use of muscle testing via the Treatment Selection Method along with, Functional Lab Evaluation and Dried Blood Cell Analysis. Dr. Della received a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University in 2004 and a Doctorate from The National College of Natural Medicine in 2010.

She currently resides in Gresham, Oregon with her husband, Jason and two kiddos, Weston and Eisley. When she is not restoring the health of her wonderful patients, you can find her volunteering at her kid’s school, running them to sports practices, attending Blazer games with her hubby, sampling new workout classes or drinking wine with her girlfriends. Because balance is important!

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