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The practice of acupuncture uses thin, stainless steel needles inserted into the skin at select locations on the body to promote optimal organ function. Alison specializes in Japanese Meridian Therapy, a gentle style of acupuncture that often uses fine tools made of copper, silver, brass or gold, to vibrate, brush, or tap points and meridians. Point selection is individually customized based on the practitioner’s assessment of touch reflexes and responses in the abdomen, forearm, and pulse. This targeted approach allows you to feel noticeably better following treatment.

Other therapies that may be utilized include:

Sotai Therapy

A form of Japanese physical therapy combining breath and movement to address functional and structural imbalances in the body.

Craniosacral Therapy

Manual European osteopathic techniques involve soft manipulations of the cranial bones and sacroiliac joint to restore the flow of cerebrospinal fluid from the brain to the pelvic region. This treats the central nervous system and effectively reduces pain.

Neuro Emotional Technique

A mind body stress technique that combines muscle testing with the meridian system of the body to identify the root emotional cause of a physiological disease and alleviate stress responses.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences are liquid infusions made of flower blossoms, trees, and minerals, to restore mental-emotional wellness and create new habits of thought.


How to prepare for my first appointment?

If you are an established patient of Dr. Della Parker, please arrive to your first appointment ten minutes early to complete a brief acupuncture intake.

If you are new to Stellar Health & Wellness, please take the time to fill out the New Patient Paperwork prior to your appointment.

Come to your appointment well hydrated. Drink 1 to 2 quarts of water in the 2 to 3 hours prior to your session.

How long will it take to experience evident results?

Acupuncture initiates change immediately. Alison will muscle test for the timing of treatment. Generally, a full course of treatment is considered 7 sessions total, depending on the chronicity of illness. She will likely want to see you weekly for one month (4 treatments), biweekly for one month (2 treatments), and then monthly (1 treatment).

Following this initial course, your body will learn to hold a treatment longer and can transition into maintenance and preventative care.

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