Food Intolerance Evaluation

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DSC_0099Food intolerance evaluation can identify foods that may be causing chronic irritation in the body. The test is quick and easy! It involves a finger stick to collect a small amount of blood. Your blood is then put in contact with a variety of foods and a measureable reaction is observed. This is different from food allergy testing in several ways. Food allergy testing (either skin or blood) is only evaluating your immune systems reaction to foods. It can be unreliable depending on the state of the individual’s immune system. Most people can identify frank allergies as their reactions are more immediate and severe in nature.

A food that is not tolerated, may not be digested or broken down properly, which causes a chronic irritation in the body.


Reactions to these foods can take weeks or months to accumulate and become obvious symptoms. They may also continue to create low levels of inflammation that constantly disrupt optimal body function without any outright symptomology.

Not only are food intolerances known to cause digestive issues, but they can also cause dysfunction that manifests in several different ways. Headaches, Iliocecal valve syndrome, skin rashes, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, joint pain and brain fog are all common examples of food intolerant symptoms. When starting a routine of proper diet and nutritional supplementation it is important to have these intolerances identified as they can contribute to almost any symptomology. Identifying these foods enables Dr. Della to make more specific dietary recommendations and allows a clearer path to optimal health.

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