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Top Travel Health Tips

Posted by     on June 16, 2021

Yay we can all start traveling again! As we all start hoppin’ on planes I want to remind you of my top travel health tips. These tips will not only ensure a thriving immune system but also keep you feeling your best as you travel!

#1 Vitamin C
You’ve heard this one on repeat for quite some time now but I have been ramping up my C with travel for several years and it works! Vitamin C is a super potent anti-oxidant that will help protect your system from any buggies that come your way. I take 2,000 mg 2-3x day when traveling.

#2 Water
Yes water… don’t forget the basics. Flying is very dehydrating to your system. I recommend you double down on the water a couple days prior to flying and definitely keep it up on the plane. Add an electrolyte packet like the ones from Trace mins for added hydration.

#3 Be a Sober Sister
Only on the plane, when you hit your destination, all bets are off! Just like I mentioned above, planes are dehydrating and alcohol will just make it worse. So, focus on the water when you are in the air and save the tequila for when you land.

#4 Herbal Throat Spray
I use this stuff before I fly again to protect my airway from any bad guys trying to invade. My go to is Gaia Herbs echinacea, goldenseal and propolis but warning: it is highly effective but may also taste like cat pee.

#5 Magnesium
Don’t know about you but I tend to get restless legs on long flights. EZ mg is an all form magnesium helps to chill out your muscles, relieve stress and keep those bowels moving… No travel constipation for this girl!

#6 Stomach Acid
I wrote a whole blog about stomach acid and you can check it out here. But you need the stuff for sooo many reasons! An acidic gut is the first line of attack for your immune system so if you eat something funky it will be less likely to send you into a diarrhea fit. And speaking of bowel movements, it keeps ‘em moving! Am I the only one not wanting to be bloated in a bikini?

#7 Liver Cleanse
Pretty sure I mentioned that it’s ok to consume your alcohol after you land in your destination. You are on vacation after all… enter liver cleanse. Need I say more?

So there you have it. This fist full of supplements I take while traveling (on top of whatever else I happen to be taking). Now you know why my husband complains that he has a 90-year-old woman as a travel companion lol. But this old lady will be feeling fit and fab enjoying every minute of vacation to the fullest and I hope you do too!

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